Springbok Radio Revisited

Springbok Radio was a pioneering commercial radio station in South Africa, established as the first of its kind in the country. Unfortunately, the station was forced to shut down in 1985, but the memories it created lived on.

In 1985, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) reduced Springbok Radio’s transmission time from 19 hours a day to just 13 and a half hours per day. This decision was made due to a decline in the station’s popularity in the evenings, as more and more listeners were turning off their radios to watch television instead.

Despite its closure, the legacy of Springbok Radio has been kept alive through the efforts of the SABC Radio Archives, who now run a project called “Springbok Radio Revisited”. This initiative is a tribute to the memories of Springbok Radio and has been passed down to the current generation by the Springbok Radio Preservation Society of South Africa. The goal of this project is to ensure that the spirit of Springbok Radio lives on, preserving its history and sharing its memories with future generations.