RSG (formerly Radio Sonder Grense, meaning Radio Without Borders), is an Afrikaans-language radio service provided by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). It was first launched as the “B” service of the SABC in 1937, one year after the launch of the Corporation’s “A” service, which was English-language. Over the years, it went through several name changes, including “Afrikaanse Diens van die SAUK,” “Radio Suid-Afrika,” and “Afrikaans Stereo,” before finally adopting its current name in 1996.

Radio Sonder Grense is a modern and progressive Afrikaans radio station that offers its listeners a mix of rock and pop hits, as well as information and the latest news. It is an important source of entertainment and information for Afrikaans-speaking communities in South Africa. With its modern and progressive approach, Radio Sonder Grense is a true reflection of the values and aspirations of the Afrikaans-speaking communities it serves.