Metro FM

Metro FM started broadcasting in 1986 as Radio Metro. It plays a mix of urban contemporary and pop.

Metro FM is a radio station that serves as a source of guidance and inspiration for young urban adults who strive for success in their constantly evolving environment. It’s a music-centric brand that embodies the ideals of black excellence and leadership, with a confident and stylish edge. The listeners of Metro FM are high-achievers, who exude confidence and potential, and are comfortable in modern South Africa.

In terms of entertainment, Metro FM offers a mix of music, features, and competitions to keep its listeners engaged and entertained. But the station is not limited to just entertainment. They also provide their listeners with informative content such as news, weather, sports, financial, and traffic reports. This helps to keep the listeners informed about the world around them.

In addition, Metro FM is deeply committed to serving its community. They take part in fundraising and sponsorship activities, as well as events that bring people together. They also aim to reflect the social, economic, developmental, and fashion aspects of the community they serve, in order to truly understand and cater to the needs of their listeners.