Ukhozi FM

Ukhozi FM is one of the largest radio stations globally, and the biggest in Africa, reaching over 7.9 million listeners in the past decade. Based in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, it broadcasts primarily in IsiZulu to target IsiZulu-speaking audiences in South Africa and streams worldwide. The station appeals to all ages, especially the youth, promoting South African culture and pride.

With significant influence and unmatched stature, Ukhozi FM leverages its platform to connect its listeners to their cultural identity in a modern context. The station is renowned for its edutainment and infotainment content delivered with expertise, affirming the cultural identity of its audience and inspiring them to aim higher.

Ukhozi FM provides an engaging environment for its listeners, offering access to news, current affairs, talk shows, music, drama, sports, education, weather, and traffic updates, with a strong focus on local content.